Gift Registry

A Gift Registry is a particular type of wish list. Typically, recipient compiles a list of items he want to receive and then hands it out to family and friends. Gift registries are often used for important events such as anniversaries, birthdays, civil ceremonies, baby showers, etc.

Recipients can compile a gift registry and make it available to anyone who will present them with a gift. Gift givers can be certain that they are purchasing items that the receiver will appreciate.

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  • Geometric Candle Holders

    Geometric Candle Holders

  • Madison RX3400

    Madison RX3400

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  • Lexington Cardigan Sweater

    Lexington Cardigan Sweater

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  • DUMBO Boyfriend Jean

    DUMBO Boyfriend Jean

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  • Modern Murray Ceramic Vase

    Modern Murray Ceramic Vase

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  • A Tale of Two Cities

    A Tale of Two Cities

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6 Item(s)